Day of the dolphin – leaping at the chance – Guest blog December 29, 2009

Today was the day of the dolphin at Socorro Island…  At lunch we spotted some off the starboard side at Punta Tosca and, since I am an avid admirer, I leaped (mid-lunch) at Dan’s suggestion that they might come and interact if we hopped in the water with snorkels.  What success!  I had 4 close encounters as they swam near me, coming up from the deep to surface.  Later, during the second dive of the day, there were many dolphins near our descent line.  I also was graced by a passing giant manta ray and a rather large white tip shark.  Now, we are about to begin a terrific bbq dinner, and then I hear there will be the not-to-be-missed snorkel with the silky sharks.  I anticipate excitement!
\eddie\born in swtzerland but usually in paris\ now on a boat in the middle of the pacific.
swell diving in both ways and down a line into the current. dolphins on the way down and on the way up and everything else in the middle : a pacific manta, abnormaly huge Socorro lobsters, white tip reef sharks, sting ray, scorpion fishes galore, and plain beautiful and polished vertical walls back to the boat.  just check your air and follow sten, the flying swede and his yellow pony tail !
Sue on the late afternoon dive found a big octopus oozing along the ridge at Punta Tosca- soon retreated into a crevice when divers showed up.

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