Our first breaching humpack whale this season at Socorro Island

Location: The Canyon and Boiler dive site, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos
Departed Cabo San Lucas first thing yesterday morning and had a smooth easy ride down to Socorro Island.   Which is true almost all the time during the winter season.   We got welcomed by Bottlenose dolphins at San Benedicto Island,  We started up with a checkout scuba dive at the Canyon dive site.  Viz was great! and we got plenty of Hammerhead sharks on the cleaning station. One Giant manta came in but left us and did not want to play. So after that we moved on to the Boiler. The swell was a  big but it had a long period so it effected the scuba diving a bit ,but staying away from the rock a bit you dont feel much of it , First nothing then On Chevron manta turned up and stayed a while turning a round in circles. It made the day for some of our divers on the Nautilus Explorer.  The end of the dive it got dark and we decided to leave the Boiler back in  to the Canyon. We got a real rain shower over us with a strong wind. But after an half an hour the front passed and actually for a moment some sun came up!  Last dive did not give any big animals more then a juvenile Silvertip Shark that stayed on one of our inner cleaning station so we spent more time looking at smaller stuff.  Talking of BIG stuff. We are starting to see our first Humpback whales now, Had one breaching today.  Divemaster Sten.
Weather: Very long swell,but deep. Nice weather in the start of the day. Showers and wind in the afternoon. 27-23 C  81 degrees F.
Water: At the Canyon 100ft viz!! later in the day it dropped down to 50ft. Temp warm still 25 C or 77 F

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