She was a "player" – you don’t feel the same staring a giant manta in the eye – Socorro Island – Guest blog – December 20, 2009

Dave/ Dec 30 \nautilus explorer- Soccorro island
Diving started with hammerheads, then slow at the Boiler at San Benedicto Island and then on to Soccorro Islands.  The first day current was ripping. The only players were a silvertip and two whitetips.  Next morning off to Punta Tosca, Soccorro Island.  early morning dive, not much, only one hammerhead shark and a giant manta from the distance. Then things heated up.  second dive manta encounter at 20 feet for 10 minutes, swimming upside down, staring a remora in the eye and exhaling into the gills, the manta slowed, waiting for more bubbles.  Next dive, another encounter 20 minutes at 10 feet, after while no one around, except Edward, me and a 20 foot manta – she was a “player”, you just don’t feel the same after staring mantas in the eye for a couple of minutes and then having her swim with you to the boat and looking sad as you leave the water, pretty awesome, stay tuned…
Susan:Manta Magic The giant mantas have welcomed us to their home waters around Socorro Island and we are all pleased. Although we have seen hammerheads, white tip sharks and a range of reef life the rays have us all mesmerized.
eddie/dec 30 on board the nautilus.
i would have liked to report some other things than diving but i unfortunately cannot.  the reason to our first major encounter with the pacific giant manta.
we had seen it in our first 2 days of diving but today was different : 5 divers and the manta dancing around each other for 45 minutes of eye to eye contact, upside down diving. unforgettable.  the octopus i spent 20 minutes with at the end of the day also gets credit, as well the crew and the pampering and the food, as always,  but tonight i’ll be falling asleep with manta dancing in my mind.

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This is why we all dive….I have had meetings of the mind with a number of different sea creatures but I still haven’t had an encounter with dolphins, whales or mantas….still waiting for that magic day to arrive. It has to be a transformative experience. I’m jealous

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