Lynn:   Giant mantas, Hammerhead sharks, and a Tiger shark!  This trip is incredible.  Yesterday was amazing, we played with a manta ray who stayed with us until we had to go up.  (S)he kept circling around us, and got right up close, eyeball to eyball, and (s)he  kept sinking down over our heads  I and everyone else got lots of wonderful pics.  Today there was a strong current, and big swell so the diving was demanding, but worth it. We followed the dive leader, Sten, down into a hiding place among the boulders, and looked up.  There was a huge school of hammerhead sharks, maybe 25-30, overhead.  Then a few minutes later we saw 2 dolphins so close to each other they looked like they were hugging.  About 20 feet above them was a tiger shark! I can’t say enough about how helpful the crew is, and what good care they take of us.  Since with my bad back, I can’t manage my own gear, they cheerfully haul it around for me, and get me safely into and out of the water, which is a lot of extra work for them.  I couldn’t dive without the extra help, and I really appreciate it, and they are so nice about it.  The current was so bad the other day, it ripped my mask off, and they found another mask for me to use.  Happy new year Mom!
Larry:  Playing with the giant manta was definitely the highlight for me so far.  The water has been warmer than we expected (about 80 F) but the visibility has been worse compared to the last time we were on the ship.  It’s a live-aboard – eat, sleep, and dive.  A great way to end one year and start the next.
Helen: Great dive yesterday playing with a very friendly dolphin. She made a bee-line for us and stayed with us for the rest of the dive. She loved to be stroked, standing vertical in the water waggling her fins in a happy kind of way. An unforgettable experience! Happy 2010.

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