Poor octopus tumbling down a wall chased by sharks. Guest blog – January 2, 2010

Saved the best Socorro diving for the end of the trip.  Roca Partida “ROCKS. After celebrating new years, we awoke to a small rock rising out of the ocean.  As we rolled of the zodiacs and peered into the depths, silvertip sharks and whitetip sharks greeted us then a dolphin swam by. The silver tip sharks were frenzied so we approached cautiously. Then we rounded the north end and encountered a school of hammerheads.  Don’t forget to glance at the rock for the numerous morays and octopus.  We finished the dive with a manta circling us.  Over the next three dives, we saw wahoo, yellow finned and yellow tail tuna, hunting black jacks and schooling jacks.  I decided to stay alone on the north wall on one of my dives and while waiting to photograph a shark felt a presence behind me.  It turns out there was a manta ray patiently waiting for some attention.  so, for the next 10 minutes the giant manta and I spent some quality time together. Next, I saw an octopus tumble down the wall into the abyss being followed
a variety of fish and sharks, quite a site.  The day ended at 100 feet watching the silvertips swim by, thanks.  A nice start to the new year.  David Miller
Roca Partida is where the party was on Jan 1 2010 (at least underwater that is). We were following Sten follow some live bait into a bit of blue and we found ourselves surrounded by pacific creoles and after two kicks they turned into a school of jacks swimming past us and all around us as they swam away from a school of hammerheads that where roughly 10/15 and that were as close as they get.  last in line were a couple of fat silver tips that faded into the blue. all in one sequence. thank you very much and happy new year 😉 \eddie
So we are in the middle of nowhere… celebrating new years eve. What a party… 🙂 We started the new year day jumping into the water at Roca Partida. And from the first moment we had been fascinated by the incredible marine pelagic live out here! A shear wall dropping down to infinity, hundreds of jacks, dozens of lazy whitetips laying on balconies, silvertips, several hammerheads and a pacific manta playing around till we went out of air…

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