Came on this trip to get lucky and sure enough, it happened on the second day….Guest blog – January 29/10

Roca Partida, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedo’s
Today started with the captain saying he had a dream about whale sharks.  Well his dream was my dream come true.  My first whale shark ever.  Today was one of the best dives that I have ever had,  It started slow with no animal action then as my buddy and I started back to the anchor….Mantas.  Two giant mantas circled Bill was able to snap several photos while I video taped from below.  Then one large manta ray came towards me, closer, closer then it was right there.  It slowly circled and came back again, I slowly raised my hand then the manta came over and stopped.  It slowly sank towards me.  The two giant mantas took turns coming up to me for some manta loving.  Over ten minutes of very close interaction with up to three mantas.  I have never had that type of close and personal action with animals that size!!  It was the most incredible experience.  Bob S.
How can you sum up todays dives? A school of hammerhead sharks, a lone one who came so close to make eye contact with me for a few minutes, 2 dolphins who passed so close I could have touched them, a whale shark overhead closely followed by a manta, a 15 minute encounter with a friendly manta ray and his buddy a silky shark. Yes, definitely a good day!
Tina x
Diving with dolphins, hammerheads and close ups with giant mantas from a beautiful boat anchored just off an incredibly dramatic volcanic island in the Pacific. Yeah, good day. – Reuben
Came on this trip to get lucky and sure enough, it happened on the second day. She was beautiful, in the water all by herself. She came straight at me. The only thing I could think off was ” Ikelite, Nikon, don’t fail me now… Snap… Snap… Snap… Ten beautiful pictures of my first whale shark. – Bill
Never had the chance to interact with giant mantas before. They would swim right over you and enjoy your bubbles. Their underside is much rougher then sharks by far. WOW WOW WOW what else can you say. Ron

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