Hostess log and guest pic's of giant mantas and hammerhead sharks – 11 FEB 2010

The special, and perhaps most frustrating thing about diving is that you never know what you are going to get. After all, nature, as we all know, is wild and unpredictable. Although there is always something magical about a dive in the Socorroo Islands, there are some dives that stick out in your mind more than others. Today’s dive was one of those particularly special ones. 7:45 am and I’m following the anchor chain down to the rocks of “The Canyon” where I would begin my dive. There is no current to speak of and the visibility is pushing a hundred feet. Immediately upon reaching depth I am greeted by an exceptionally friendly giant manta ray. And just as a gentleman would tip his hat to say hello, this beautiful manta came up beside me and dipped his wingtip as if to say “Good morning, so nice to see you!” After visiting for a while, I ventured off in search of hammerhead sharks. To my amusement, the search was short-lived. A group of four scalloped hammerhead sharks pass in front of me. I waited, motionless, and watched as the hammerhead sharks paced back and forth in front of me, as though they were eagerly anticipating some important guest. Within moments the honored guests arrived. Not one – not two – but THREE magnificent, giant mantas!! And so began the dance. Not-so-distant dolphin chatter provided the music as the mantas dipped and weaved amongst the divers, pausing within arm’s reach overhead to tickle their bellies with the diver’s bubbles. As man and beast swayed together in this delicate dance set to the rythym of the gentle sea, I had to pinch myself to make sure this was not just a dream. Thankfully, it was real – and it was incredible!
Your hostess, and lover of all things under the sea, Hostess Ashley
Photos by Harry Wikberg – thank you!

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