100 hammerhead sharks passing over my head while I hold my breath and try not to exhale. Guest log – Feb.10/10

Here again, just another day on the Nautilus Explorer….. same old, same old…….
First dive with playful mantas,
Second dive, swim against a light current to watch the live big screen starring 27 hammerheads,
Third dive, took two excited new friends to watch the matinee showing of the ‘wall of Hammerheads’. A stronger current this time, but the rewards were commensurate with the effort.
Fourth dive was taken a little more leisurely dancing with the ‘Devil Rays’, a misnomer if ever there was one!!!
Miles Brough
What more could you want during a dive 30, 40 , no 50 hammerheads !!! and don’t forget the 2 Giant Mantas circling above you waiting for you to play, another great dive during another great day at sea with The Nautilus Explorer Tim
5th day of diving in the beautiful Revillagigedos islands, not my first trip, not my last, but surely one of my best! First dive today at the “Canyons” of San Benedicto, i am happy: i am surrounded by a school of around 50 hammerhead sharks, no giant mantas this early today but im hopeful they will visit later. On the 2nd dive im even happier: more hammerhead sharkss, closer and the mantas show up! 3 of them and playful!! What else can you ask? well, we are in Socorro’s in February and the humpback whales are here! Minutes after lunch we hear “WHALES” and Pedro, one of the divemasters calls us to join him on the zodia.  Off we g.  WOW!!!! we jump in the water and relax (thanks to the wise and experienced Pedro!) and VOILA, a mother, calf and escort humpbacks  appear out of the blue and choose to swim by us all! Everybody is extatic! Now, before our 3rd dive, im thinking, well, i’ve seen all so let’s do a quiet dive, no expectation….I should know better, being a divemaster in the sea of Cortez for the last 15 years, the ocean always has surprises….me, being a hammerhead shark passionate, traveled all around the globe to be with them, lots of them and as close as possible….and today of all day: i’m luckier than i could have imagined…the current is strong and i swim along the rocks, being litterally pushed on them. I stop at the first school of about 15 sharks. Wait awhile, almost decided to leave when from the corner of my eye, i see another school of MANY hammerheads passing a few feet away from me. Minutes later, i await their return and they do magestically: close to a hundred of them passing over my head while i retain my breath, trying to not exhale so i can enjoy the fabulous sight! 🙂
It will be with me and in me for a long time….until i come back!;) Divemaster Josie

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