Dolphin poops on scuba diver & have you ever been in the water and heard humpback whales singing so loudly that your chest vibrates?? 2 meters away from humpbacks. Guest log – 16 February 2010.

Franz: This morning at San Benedicto Island (Socorro) we started our daily snorkel trip off the Nautilus Explorer…and discovered an entire family of Humpback whales which, when they they say us they turned to come in for a closer look.  At their closest we were maybe two meters away!  The papa had its mouth open and I was actually a little scared.  After they passed about 6 dolphins swam around us and played with us a and then one of them pooped on Christof.  This was great!  After the dolphins, on the way back to the boat, a giant manta ray came up to us and circled us.  Better than any dive we had today!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
Tim: Have you ever been in the water and heard Humpback whales sing so loud your chest Vibrates? Well on the Nautilus Explorer I have.
Frans: At the Boiler, on the third dive of the day I descended on a large school of about 25 Hammerhead Sharks.  I was pumped.
Dan: Today, at the Canyon, I didn’t see any large marine life.  Yet I still had a perfect dive.  I sat in the sand at 60 feet for 30 minutes and listened to the harmonic music of several humpback whales and their young singing and talking to each other Sometimes the sounds were so loud I looked around thinking I was sure to see them, maybe only meters away from me.  Alas I did not, but I am not disappointed as the anticipation of such a giant animal possibly showing up in front of me at any second kept my heart racing and my eyes searching.  A very exciting dive.
Mario:  On the last dive today, at the Canyon, we saw it all.  We saw Silver tip sharks, Hammerheads, Giant Mantas, and even a Tiger Shark, all the while surrounded by the sounds of whales.  Lindsay, I hope you are enjoying the snow back home in Germany!

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