Obama followed us today! The giant manta that is!!! The Boiler dive site, San Benedicto Island. Socorro. Dive guide log – April 30/10.

So back to the Boiler again! Today it was a bit windy and current was quite strong for being the boiler. But soon we had giant mantas again. Today a chevron male manta turned up first and followed by a huge Chevron female that was very curious and stayed a big part of the day. But our manta that followed us today was a black manta called Obama, though it is a she.
I’ve seen her several times before and she has a funny behaviour. She comes in close to you and just when you think she almost will hit you she makes a loop and lays with her beautiful anchor patterned belly letting the light catch it and very photogenic so to say. She followed us for long time today over and over. We stopped filming early today cause the light was a bit poor cause of clouds so we went for a fun dive at the canyon. At a moment we saw just a couple of silver tip sharks and then for a sudden a wall of hammerheads. We went hiding by the rocks , but they never came back.
Surface conditions: Windy and choppy and cloudy. temp 25 C
Underwater conditions: 25 C , 75 F Good viz ca 70-100ft. Current , not much of surge.
Dive guide Sten

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John Fraserreply
May 03, 2010 at 09:05 AM

I have been following you on facebook for a few months now. If I win the lottery, going on a trip with you will be the first thing I do!

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