We have been having a free passenger since Cabo .. he likes to sleep under the rescue boat at night.. dive guide log. Socorro Island. 12 May 2010

So we went in the water and this is so typical diving at Socorro, me and my group we went all around saw 1 giant manta ray passing us and nothing else, Next group with Pedro just landed in the water and directly they got visited of our friendly dolphin that we see here every now and then and people got up totally exited!
She never came back any more but we stayed at Punta Tosca at Socorro  for 2 very curious Chevron Female Giant mantas staying with hall of us. It was just an overdose of manta encounters. I looked at my maxdepth in this manta dive 46 ft no more! No reason to go deep when the animals comes to you. We stayed at the same place the whole dive.
It was a good diveday the whole day spiced with hammerheads, silvertips and silky sharks as well.
Something totally different On board on the Nautilus we been having a free passanger since Cabo San Lucas. She is a little brown headed cow bird.Size of a finch That have decided to adopt the Nautilus. he is jumping around on the dive deck, drinking water from the camera water dip tanks and chasing the small crabs that runs on deck and eats them. he is as unafraid now that she even have come up sitting on our hands. He likes to sleep under the rescue boat at night. See if he jumps of in Cabo, or have been spoiled of the service on our vessel. Marco the captain has baptised him Duncan wich in celtic means brown head…
Surface conditions: A bit windy , compared our totally calm days , mostly sunny and 27 C Under water, very mild current , very little surge, 70-90 ft 23-24 C ca 74-75 F
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