Giants Manta Wings Waving Goodbye – Great White Shark Teeth Grinning Hello! From Socorro to Guadalupe.

Divemaster Dan here.  Writing from Vancouver, British Columbia where I left the warm water and wonderful pelagics behind for “doing time” in the office (it’s actually really easy – I just talk to  people all day about how cool it is to have a staring contest with a Great White Shark from only 4 feet away, or what it feels like to ‘dance’ with a Manta Ray)!
So I haven’t posted in a while and I thought I’d drop by with a little note to update everyone on some of the very exciting things happening on the Nautilus Explorer.
The Socorro season ended well.  The last trip combined diving the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro) where all our favorite friends came out to say good bye – Dolphins, Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks and of course the Giant Mantas (check out the pictures below) – and the Sea of Cortez, where we were reminded of just how much Baja, Mexico has to offer: Sea Lions were the most welcoming – maybe TOO welcoming (next time you see hostess Ashley, ask her about her new camera being a sea lion’s snack!), octopus, stingrays and the photographer’s favorite macro subjects: Nudibranchs and Seahorses!
So what now? Well as I type this, one of the largest crews we’ve ever had onboard (about 25 people) are all hard at work finishing up a huge overhaul on the boat in Ensenada.  You, our guests, have made your suggestions and comments over the years and we have listened.  The next time you see the Nautilus Explorer you will find a brand new head on the dive deck.  So no more how-fast-can-I-rip-my-wetsuit-off dances to get down to your cabin head in time! We have also done away with our dorms.  Instead we have converted one of our staterooms into a triple occupancy room with full air-conditioning and an en suite bathroom for more privacy and comfort.  If you already have a booking in the old dorm, no worries, you will be upgraded to the triple at no additional cost.
And the big change that is going to have everyone talking:  Two new luxury, high-end suites added to our hot tub deck.  The new Dofleini suite has all the comfort and space of the Nautilus and Rosario suites.  Then there is the brand new Emerald suite, our premium accommodation with “all the fixings”.  A very private bedroom with a queen size Simmons Beauty rest mattress with pocket coils for ultimate comfort.  Two plasma TVs; one in the bedroom and the other in the Emerald suite`s private lounge.  Also in the lounge is a futon providing additional sleeping space.  Sitting on this couch you can look out of the suites window and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and islands.
We have also dropped our single occupancy rates as we know for some folks, having a little more space and privacy is very important.  Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to tell you about out different rates.
If you are on our email list, keep an eye out for our latest newsletter, hot of the press.  It will have more details on the new layout and some great photos and diagrams too.  If you are not on the email list and want to be, go to our website and feel free to sign up.  Otherwise, just drop us an email or phone and we will be happy to add you to the list.
Also we are thrilled to announce that our Grand Prize draw for all 50/50 entrants has been made and the winners will all be announced in the upcoming Newsletter.  We have given away over 25 great prizes including a free trip to Guadalupe or Socorro, pay for one and your friend comes free and lots of free upgrades and free rentals and your bar-tab paid for etc…So be sure to check that out!
Thank you for all your support of our conservation efforts in Socorro and Guadalupe.  Together, we have raised over $140,000 dollars!  Find more details on that in the newsletter.
And after the refit is done?  We have a few Channel Islands trips and then it’s all about Guadalupe.  Here we go again! 102 different sharks and counting.  We are all looking forward to seeing some of our favorites like Stumpy, Bruce, Chica and Shredder.  And of course we hope to make a few new friends this season.  We have had a lot of bookings and the season is filling up fast.  However, its not too late to snag the Emerald suite or maybe get a last minute berth in the new triple stateroom.  Please send us an email, call us or check out the website for detailed information on availability and schedules.
Well that is it for me.  I better get back to work here!  Enjoy the photos (my favorite is the one of the crew making the end-of-season, celebratory leap off the back of the boat!)

Thanks to DM Peter Schalkwijk, Captain Gordon Kipp and Jacqueline Weideli for the photos.

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