I feel the dolphin's body shivering and her eyes are looking straight in to mine as an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time. Dive guide log. Socorro Island. 08 NOV 2010

Coming back to Socorro Island I wondered about  this curiouse friendly dolphin that we started to see 4 years ago. If she is still here or even still alive.  The first dive did not give so much until the end of the dive a male very curious giant manta came in and visited us.  The second dive the  manta ray was there direct from start and was showing off for the divers. Later in to the dive I could hear dolphins and moved out for searching for them, I saw a shadow and went there and met a pod of 15-20 dolphins . One of them I recognised from other years , she stops vertical and looks at me, but it is not the one that is totally friendly. But her company. I started to worrie that she might have been lost, a drift net here is the worst treath to dolphins and I been having to cut out several of them dead before. Feeling a bit worried I follow this pod and try to get them with me to the divers and they are following. Looking back for the divers I see her. She is swarmed by several divers and she just stay in the middle vertical and let them pet them. What a releif! She is alive this year as well! She comes over to me and I place my two hands open on her, she stops totally , i feel her body shivering and her eyes are looking straight in to mine. I can feel something that touches me like seeing a friend that has been gone a long time. Then she goes of and visit the other divers.  We are back and she is still here!!
Diveguide Sten
Surface conditions: Sunny , some swell and calm 27 C
Underwater conditions: 15-20 m ca 60 ft and 81 F 28C. Current picked up in the last dive, other woise very calm and some surge.

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