Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is a festive time!! After a small break, the Nautilus Explorer and crew are back on it! The old seafaring tale of a ship never being happy unless she is moving through the water holds to be true, and with that in mind we cast off the lines and sailed out of Cabo San Lucas for Socorro Island with charged spirit. Low and rolling clouds met us around the south point of the Cape and the sea state picked up a little, enough to give a few splashes over the bow and the feeling of being at sea again. A few hours out and throughout the night the waves just eased back and the ship glided through the water as comfortable as a Cadillac cruising down the boulevard. I woke up to catch an amazing sunrise of bursting red and orange with San Benedicto rising on the horizon. Briefing…check, equipment… check, friends and family…check – let’s go diving!!!

–Captain Kevin

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You have awesome videos of the fish! Wow! How I envy you for seeing it for real. I can live it vicariously through your videos, though. Could you show me the kind vegetation that exists down there? I am interested in the vegetation of the Atlantic ocean.
Best Wishes, Rosa

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