Humpback Whales are Back at Socorro Island – Dive Guide Blog – 30 DEC 2010

So after an excellent day in Socorro Island with giant mantas,  dolphins and big school of hammerhead sharks we arrived in the morning at Roca Partida.

Before the sunrise over the horizon we could easily see Socorro island over 70 Nautical miles away! Not every day that happens. the air was so clear.
It was not bad under water either each dive we had hammerheads, galapagos and Silvertip sharks, It was good constant flow off them not the big massive schools but almost all the time look there and there and there! or… there! The morning gave us bottlenose dolphins that stayed around for a good while, up on the top we watched some of them go crazy jumping and spinning. Not so much Yellow fin Tuna though a few 6-7 feeters passed by.

The humpback whales are really starting to show up now and spent the whole day around the rock, we went to have a closer look but they where  moving around to fast yet. This is a new kind of season to look forward to now when the humpbacks are coming to see them breaching, listening to the male singing when you are diving and also have the chance to be in the water and watch them.
Surface conditions actually cold for this year around 22-24 C cloud in the morning sun in the afternoon and evening.
Under water conditions  100ft Viz temp 24-26 C and no current.
Diveguide Sten Johansson

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Hello Sten..
Superb all the action. Maybe not in great numbers bit still for me it would be amazing. I had the pleasure to see a Humpback Whale pass me by while diving in Kenia, a dive never to forget. Even with the very bad vis we had, its something i hope to do again. What is the season for the whales at Sorocco?

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