Followed by humpback family the whole day!!


Question: How was your day?

Today was one of this very special days not only of being at Roca Partida, direct arriving at the Rock. We are getting visited by a mother and calf and an escort direct coming up to the Nautilus Explorer. We cancel the first day direct and start to snorkel with them and this is going on the whole day. Directly sitting in the water and actually swimming away from the humpback whales they still follow you and are looking into you with their eyes… It was still going on when I was sitting on the back deck at night filling tanks they were 15 ft off the stern of Nautilus.

–DM Sten Johansson


Question: How was your day?
What a beautiful day today, couldn’t have dreamed of something more epic than staring into the eyes of 3 humpback whales !!!!
–Robbie, Deckhand


Question: How was your day?
You do not have to say anything about Roca Partida as dive site… only thing we have to say today-that we looked really, really close into the eye of a humpback whale baby-magic-no words for that impression…
–Annette and Birte from Germany


Surface conditions, a bit wavy, sunny 25 C
Underwater conditions light current, viz 30 -15 m temp 23-16C!! 72-63F!

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