Guest Blog I knew today was gonna be a beautiful day – MARCH 30 – Socorro

I knew today was gonna be a beautiful day cause was up at 6am and went to the top deck to watch a breath taking sunrise just for starters. When I was taking the divers to the dive site I saw lots of dolphins before I even dropped them off. On the way back to the boat to take the first batch of divers back there were 3 bottlenose’s jumping at least 5feet outta the water roughly 10feet in front of the skiff. While waiting for the next group to pop up a couple of dolphins bumped into the boat and scared me cause wasn’t paying attention to them, at that moment I put my hand in the water to try to get them to come over and one swam up and I stroked his head to fin and that was the first time I’ve EVER touched a dolphin EVER!!!! and was in the wild. AMAZING DAY!!!!

30 March San Benedicto got touched unintentional and not as expected
Diving today the famous “Boiler” in San Benedicto, sleeping white tips under the rocks, tiger muray eels, lots of big eyed jack fish, dolphins again but not in playing mood…  Finally on every dive huge Manta rays at least two, playing throughout the whole dive with us, coming forth and back treating us like a cleaning station, stopping above us waiting for the bubbles –shaking their bodies in them and then making a huge circle to come finally back again for the same treatment. Birte tries to imitate the “swing” and it  looks like the manta is swinging back…and then the incredible happened I virtually bumped into a Manta or he/she in me? And got touched unintentional and not as expected a rough sand paper like touch-it rather felt soft and rubber like-incredible !!!!! and luckily I did not chase it away it kept coming back…just another great diving day-make my day
Annette and Birte from Germany;

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