The 3rd dive was just a party with the same 3 Mantas.


After 4 weeks off being back on board feels really good. Especially with with a great group of divers and crew. We spent our first day at the canyon on San Benedicto. Some of the guests and Juan (Dive Master)saw a group of Hammerheads, for the 2nd and 3th dive we moved to the Boiler. We had 3 MANTAS and lots of white tip sharks. The 3rd dive was a party with the same 3 Mantas, we all where just there playing with this Mantas from the beginning of the dive until the end. Great to be Back!!!
DM Joel Ibarra

First dive we dropped over to find the clear blue water of Roca teaming with white tips and schools of jacks.  After moving a little deeper the schools of Silky sharks came into view. Cruising around the rock at a depth of 90 feet or so proved to be the best viewing of the silky sharks. Toward the end of the dive moving up to the ledges at 40 feet we found many white tips resting with occasional Galapagos swimming by. We had plenty of schooling fish everywhere and excellent visibility all the way around Roca Partida. Looking forward to see what is next?

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