People look at you strangely when you tell them you are spending your honeymoon with 22 other divers on a boat. November, 2011 – Socorro Island, Baja California, Mexico

So here we are in the middle of the Pacific and there’s blue skies, no wind and no swell to speak of, surely something is wrong? Seems not… we just got lucky. Down below there’s everything we could reasonably have expected to see.  There’s hammerhead sharks, silvertips and Galapagos sharks, whitetips stacked on shelves in the rock; jacks stacked up outside with rainbow runners, bass and yellow fin tuna (high speed sashimi) running through them. Finished the day relaxing in the hot tub with a beer, as we’ve got to do it all again tomorrow.
– J

People look at you strangely and with confused expressions on their faces when you tell them you are spending your honeymoon with 22 other divers on a boat, sailing for a set of uninhabited remote islands, but none of this deterred my new husband and I. We had been planning this trip for the last three years. Here we are, and loving every minute. Day one; giant manta and octopus at San Benedicto. Day two; Roca Partida, more sharks than I have ever seen. My husband compared it to the Galapagos Islands without the white knuckle currents. Never have either of us been surrounded by more fish than water, or so it seemed.

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