I'll never complain again about getting up at 07:30 on holiday. December, 2011. Isla Socorro, Baja California, Mexico

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I’ll never complain again about getting up at 07:30 on holiday.
FANTASTIC first dive of the day at Punta Tosca. I have to look at the video to confirm I wasn’t still asleep and dreaming. Dolphins, mantas and more dolphins all came to greet us as we wiped the sleep from our eyes. The dolphins came to see what all the noise was about as soon as we got in then hung around to play for the majority of the dive. I couldn’t describe the dive site topography because I was looking across & up the whole time  no time to look down on a dive with so much action. That would have done for the day, Id had all the entertainment I could possibly need, then surfaced to be reminded we hadn’t even had breakfast yet!!! 3 more dives to go.  We weren’t so lucky on the 2nd dive of the day, maybe just spoiled with high expectations by now! 3rd dive was full of curious mantas, swirling around us, showing off their bellies & their remora companions, sticking with us for the whole time, even when we were queuing on the line to surface. The dolphins were back for the last dive of the day, just saying hello as we descended, then leaving us to search for them through the silkies for the rest of the dive (apparently they had found us a bit boring went to play with the dinghies on the surface instead!). What an unbelievable day! Cant wait to get up early tomorrow (I certainly don’t say that often!!).  If you’re thinking of booking this trip, just cut the angst & book it right now, you wont be disappointed. Its my 3rd trip on the Nautilus and it wont be my last.
– Esther, UK
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Another day in paradise!!!! There were five mantas at once and it was incredible!!!!!! The current was ok but the vis was only 75 ft or so!!!!! The staff was incredible and treat me like a king!!!! I never want to leave this boat!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who truly love diving and wants to be totally [pampered!!!! KevinM aka (THE DUDE)
We had a great day at Punta Tosca  the first dive was stupendous with giant mantas cruising by to have a good look at everyone, as well as some serious dolphin interaction. The second dive was not as good as the first (how could it be?) however Renee and I got lucky and saw a pod of about six dolphins hunting. We were hanging out looking at a school of jacks when the dolphins came whizzing in and started chasing them for a snack! It was almost comical to watch one dolphin swimming so fast with a jack right on its nose. We were wondering if they were very serious about eating them when one of the dolphins swam past us with a jack hanging out of his mouth  it seems this was indeed feeding time. This whole feeding frenzy lasted about ten minutes  a wonderful thing to witness. When you consider the amount of time we spend underwater it is not very often that you actually see something get eaten, so when you do it is pretty intense. Our next dive was manta city. Five huge manta as cruising past again and again  it is truly amazing to have such eye to eye contact with these immensely gracious animals. Our final dive of the day was in the bay on the massive lava rocks there and I was very excited to find two rock mover wrasse as I know from the fish books that they are in this area however this was the first time (outside the South Pacific) that I have seen them. Sadly, they are a pretty un-inspirational fish to see as they are pretty dull looking, however it was quite the highlight of the dive! Another day tomorrow and more mantas are expected  dolphins and a whale shark would be good too.
– Belinda – DM

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