The visibility was hard to describe. Some guest said 200 feet. Others said gin clear. Socorro Island, Mexico.

shark diving socorro island mexico
Roca Partida is one of those magical places that exist in our dreams. We have had the pleasure of spending two full days of diving around “The Rock”. Now remember it is also smack dab in the middle of nowhere close to land or shelter, it is exposed to all the elements at hand. I thought yesterday was good and then today showed up. It looked more like Lake Placid than the ocean. We took full advantage as we were able to watch the Humpbacks as they return to these waters for several months each year. Today they were around us and at the end of the day put on a spectacular show with several full breeches to awe our guests. The diving was of course hard to describe, visibility that seemed endless. Some guests said 200′ but in any case gin clear. Sharky would describe the diving, but so would fishy, then of course was the dolphiny dive. All good and once in a while we even made time to look at the rock to see all the life living there for our discovery. Now every trip out here does not always have these kind of conditions, but the diving is always great, so join us for your own dream in the making.
Captain Al

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