When they rolled round we rolled round, when we stopped to gaze at them they stopped to gaze at us. Socorro Island, Mexico.

giant manta diving socorro mexico
Mantas, Mantas,  Mantas!  The Boiler is fantastic for Mantas.  They actually seem to like interactions with us humans. A very special and humbling experience. Sailed to Roca Partida and saw whales breeching and fin slapping. Underwater was crystal clear with abundant White Tip Reef Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Jacks, and fishes. Saw dolphins that lured me deeper than I really wanted to go. Compares favorably with the Cocos.
Ken Takata
The last dive of the day at Roca Partida at the north point we ran into a wall of cotton mouth jacks, big eye jacks, black jacks, creole fish, redtail trigger fish, galagopos, silky, silvertip sharks, yellowfin tuna and a lone striped bonita. We followed Belinda into the blue from the southpoint to the north point where the action got started. A perfect end to a day of being pampered on the Nautilus Explorer, great crew, great food, great diving, great divers!
Pam Wade
giant manta scuba diving socorro mexico
Diving with Dolphins at Roca Partida. A whole school of Dolphins joined us on the entire dive. When they rolled round we rolled round, when we stopped to gaze at them they stopped to gaze at us. They played just in front of us and got so close we could nearly touch them. I have heard about such experiences and now I now it is true.
Eduardo Vistisen
After a different start to our week our diving started at the Boiler with some fabulous mantas. We had a large black manta cruise around and look at everyone. The black mantas really do look like stealth bombers – I have been lucky enough to have dived many places in the world and had never seen a black manta until I came to these islands. They are really impressive. Socorro gave us more fabulous eye to eye manta moments as well as the sighting of a few hammerheads. However, Roca Partida today was the icing on the cake! Dolphins on our first and second dive and all dives were loaded with sharks. What thrilled me the most was that the same dolphin who has come by and hung out with us a few times now was the first one we saw this morning. It is easy to tell him as he has the end of his right pectoral fin missing. He swims right up and hangs out, this morning he hung there before rolling on his back and lying there for a few minutes! As for the sharks, we were on a mission
today and it was successful I am glad to say. Lots of Galapagos sharks, schools of hammerhead sharks, Silver tips, Silky and the usual White were seen. Yeah!!! It was pretty good I have to say. Roll on tomorrow when we get to do it all again!
Belinda – Divemaster

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