Spent the day at the Boiler dive site and within the first minute we were greeted by 2 giant mantas who continued to entertain us most of the day. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Great video in addition, literally dozens of lobsters, sharks, large green moral eels.one of the greatest dive sites for sure.
David Hilton, Los Angeles
Close encounters of the manta kind. Day 2
First dive of the day was the red rock. Nothing special…really nothing at all. I think that Gordon (at the boiler) was a home run. Hooked up with a few friendly mantas that let me get within inches of them. My guess is the wingspan was 12 to 15 feet. They circled around several times to give us a first class show. Depth for the mantas was 40 to 60 feet. Then I dropped down to70 to 80 feet and encountered several white tip sharks. Got some great videothat I will be ready to bore all my neighbors with. On the way back up to 50feet I encountered a shelf of great size lobsters. My guess is 2 to 3 poundsminimum. Just sitting there staring at me. Must have been 20 of them. If I had been out here by myself there is no way I could have resisted the temptation to take one or two for a lobster and pasta feast. For another day.
Air was down to 600 pounds and I was on my way up when wham! More mantas. I ended up at 40 feet until I was down to 300 pounds and then up to a safety stop. The crew continues to amaze. Real professionals. They anticipate all our moves and are always there. Take safety and hospitality seriously.
Preston, San Diego/Del Mar

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