Close encounters of a Roca Partida kind – school of 30 + galapagos sharks. Roca Partida, Mexico.

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Four dives today at Roca Partida. Strong current around the rock. First dive I wasted way too much energy (and air) fighting the current. Smarter on the second dive and even smarter on the third dive, that was the best. Hit on a school of 30+ Galapagos (or so someone says) sharks (10 footers). They were doing a fly-bye underneath me. I let some air out of my BCD and dropped right into the school. Shark heaven!
Many whales 300 to 400 meters from the rock. We took the Zodiac out trying to get in the water with them. No success. Gordon says that when they just arrive our here they are somewhat skittish (note to myself: need to come back in April when the whales are more acclimated and more friendly).
Last dive several people got onto some dolphins (not me). Best thing the last dive was 2 friendly baby white tips. Swam with them for a couple of minutes while they played. Got some nice close up video. Visibility still in the 40 foot range.
All is good. Crew works like a well oiled machine.
Preston | San Diego – Del Mar
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La plongee de reve
La 4 ieme plongee de la journee fut la plongee exceptionnelle autant qu‚ inattendue. 15 dauphins dont 1 bébé sont arrives de nulle part et nous ont encercles litteralement. Ils sont restes une grosse  minute avec nous puis un defile de requins Galapagos nous est passé devant nous. Nous enchainons avec 1 enchevetrement de requins silvertips et Galapagos qui remontent des profondeurs vers nous, ils passent, s’entrecroisent, se rapprochent, le tout entoure par une multitude de bancs de carangues. Tout cela ressemble a 1 tourbillon, 1 explosion de vie. Quel feu d’artifice incroyable. Roca Partida est vraiment 1 endroit ou tout peut arriver, ou l‚ exceptionnel peut devenir l‚ ordinaire.
C‚est vraiment le type de plongee ou l‚on n‚a pas envie de remonter, le type de plongee pour laquelle on traverse le monde..Wouahhhh..

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