Humpback Whales are officially in Roca Partida!!! Socorro, Baja California, Mexico.

Roca Partida day #2
Another beautiful day at Roca Partida! The sun finally came out for us this morning and has been shining bright all day. While driving the skiff during the second dive, the humpback whales started putting on a fantastic show just forward of the bow. Since yesterday the humpbacks have come to visit us in full force. It‚s been one big whale show on the surface and this is just the beginning. It‚s so exciting to see the first whales of the season especially knowing there are still a few months of their migration to enjoy. I had a chance to swim between dives and took off from the boat and did a lap around the small island. On the North Point I was greeted by 8 silky sharks, who curiously swam around to see what this strange creature on the surface was. Also a small school of yellow fin tuna swam by and of course the usual assortment of fish were active and present!
Lauren, Crew Nautilus Explorer
We are now leaving Roca Partida after two days of awesome diving. Sharks on every dive. Big galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks, hammerhead sharks and not to forget zillions of whitetip reef sharks everywhere. Add a good dolphin encounter and breaching humpbacks and you have a cocktail that is hard to beat. This is what dreams are made of. We are on our way to San Benedicto Island for the last 4 dives of the trip. So far we have seen either manta rays or sharks (or both) on every single dive. We wonder if the statistics will hold for tomorrow. Can‚t wait for another day in the company of the great crew of the Nautilus Explorer, new friends and the great animals of the ocean.
Christian Nielsen, Denmark
Humpback Whales are officially in Roca Partida!!! Great breaching show and the calf  was very active as well. Pam, Dennis and I spend a lot of time just checking the Rock looking for Eels and crabs, it’s amazing how many diferent kinds of Eels and how colorfull crabs can get. While we did that there where at least 12 galapagos and some silvertips passing behind of us!!

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