How would you describe the Humpback Song? Socorro 2012, Baja California, Mexico.

Well this is a question, tears in my eyes, the song of the siren calling me to them. Come to me… so loud so beautiful, the high pitched calf, the mommy.. sometimes feeling the vibration off my chest when they are so close! Sadly vis was not good, so we could not see them underwater. Trying to focus on the mantas, one, two, three… the song of the whales, interrupting the vision in front of me. Come to me my baby whales of the sea. So close, yet so far. They breaching at the dive site, breaching between the zodiaks… come closer so I can see your face, your eyes! What a day!!!!!!!! Another 5 star day!!! Mantas mantas, whales, hammerhead. Life is good here!
Cindi LaRaia

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