Today was a 5 star day! Friendly loving playful mantas, my gorgeous babies of the sea! Amazing DUSKY buff sharks, 3 in total! Whoooo hoooooo. San Benedicto 2012, Mexico.

Hammerheads peeked in to say hello! Then again the same 2 gorgeous mantas came to play then of course a 3rd one had to get into the act. Three of my dives offered the amazing jewel’s of this magic place called Socorro! We are at San Benedicto Island for 2 days. Weather has settled a bit, hopeful to visit the other side of the island the infamous BOILER!! Yeahooooooo cannot wait!
Cindi LaRaia
Andre is back in the game after a lousy day yesterday. Can’t wait to see my videos of sharks (up close and personal) as well as mantas, groupers, and assorted critters. Visibility improved considerably, current was not much of a problem, unfortunately we had to deal with obnoxious two-legged animals from another boat. They will get bad karma..! Hopefully tomorrow we get to have really close encounters with more mantas. Y’all stay tuned!

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