We have spent the past two days diving with more mantas than we have fingers… San Benedicto, Mexico.

Against the surreal backdrop of the Ash Cone on San Benedicto Island sitting defiantly just off the islands shore lies “The Boiler.” Some say it gets its name from the white foam of breaking waves when the sea is angry or maybe it is the days when the current runs south along the shore of the island. The water parts and dances around the boiler churning the water behind it into field of small standing waves. That’s what makes The Boiler such a special dive, when the conditions are right it is hard to argue that a better experience can be had. Yesterday and today were just those kinds of days. The sea state was small, yet the current still presented a challenge. As we planned our diving for our guests the position of the Nautilus Explorer was crucial  to the success or failure of each dive.
We have spent the past two days diving with more mantas than we have fingers, it was a special time for all. Simply step off the back of the swim grid, let the current carry you to the boiler and all your new Manta friends, position yourself to see the Mantas coming in to the cleaning stations. Oh yes and did I mention the most important part – Repeat, Repeat!! As we head north for Cabo San Lucas we have one more day to practise our French with our guests from France.
Captain Al
We had a wonderful trip with 2 groups that joined us on the Nautilus. They all had full in the sun and in the water as we headed to Socorro island. As we got close to San Benedicto a pod of dolphins escorted us to the first stop, the Canyon. As we got ready for the checkout dive there were Hammerhead, octopus, and silver tips! We had a good start, we went to the boiler where I call it the Manta city too many mantas. I could not focus on one, they were coming from all angles, there were about 5 in total. After that we headed to the shark city, Roca Partida AKA the snow rock. As we try to do our briefing the breeching of the whales just kept us from staying focused on the dive briefing. We went and did the dive, there were schools of Galapagos, silkys, hammerhead, white tips, dolphins and the whales singing throughout the whole dive we saw pretty much everything that we were expecting. Just a blast I enjoy it more and more every day as I see more action every time. This is just a little idea of what’s happening and what we are seeing.
DM Juan

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