2 full great white shark breaches

It’s been all clear skies and sun for the first couple days into this Guadalupe Great White Shark expedition. We’ve had some great cage diving the past two days with 4 or 5 individual white sharks making appearances today and a couple that liked us enough to spend the entire day with us. We’ve also had two full breaches, both within about 75ft of the stern of the ship, both featuring big male sharks shooting straight up and completely out of the water before splashing spectacularly back into the ocean, an amazing sight! The action has been great not only in our submersible cages but also for our 7 non-certified divers that we have this week who’ve been enjoying the white sharks from our surface and 5 metre hanging cage. Looking forward to lots more white shark interaction tomorrow.
–Captain Gordon Kipp

Diving Conditions: Water temp 21˚C, visibility 100ft plus today with occasional short periods of 40-50ft.
Surface Conditions: Sunny skies with an air temp of 27˚C cooling at night to 22˚C

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