I wish we could have all the giant mantas and white sharks together. Divemaster blog. Sept 6, 2012

Guadalupe Sep 06 2012.-
Just cant get enough of these great white sharks, there is a point when I spend so many dives with the same sharks when I feel I know them and I feel I can guess what their reaction to the cage and to us in general will be, I love this, I been missing the Mantas lately but when Im in Socorro I miss this guys to. I wish we all could have the giant mantas and the White sharks together.  except when I think about it, that might not be so good for the mantas.  we sometimes see bite marks out of the rear of their wings (pectoral fins).  I can only imagine how big the bite mark would be from a white shark.  OK.  I definitely don’t want to think about that.
Any way  conditions have been very good under water here is a report:
Water Tepm : 21C  70F
Visibility: from 100 to 45 ft the lowest.
We had very Sunny days and some other days have been rainy.
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