Everyone should see these great white sharks – Guadalupe, October 26th 2012

I have had a great time.  Accomodation was comfortable.  Every aspect of the vessel was exemplary.  the shark diving was excellent.  this is best liveaboard vessel I have ever been on.    Brett Gilliam.
Today was the second dive of my life.   Last time was in Alaska when Captain Mike threw me in the water in a drysuit with a rangy grizzly bear on the beach.   I was not left with a warm and fuzzy desire to go back on the Nautilus Explorer but I was persuaded to join a Guadalupe Island trip.  Today was FANTASTIC!!   I would never have believed how beautiful and graceful the great white sharks are.  everyone should see this.  I’m going to Socorro Island for sure now.   Lalitha Rupesinghe.

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