Today I danced with the most beautiful woman in my life and she was three thousand pounds: Guadalupe Island!! – Guadalupe, October, 27th 2012

We have started this amazing journey to meet Mr. Big, the great white shark. I am lucky to be joining the birthday trip for diving legend Stan Waterman who is celebrating his 90th birthday with this Historical Diving Society Trip. This is the first morning of the cage diving on site and the excitement is running high; I am not able to breath compressed air due to a lung injury caused from a medical complication some time ago so I will be in the surface cage snorkelling; however, due to swells it is bouncing round a bit so it will be an interesting intro to meet the great white and hopefully I will be able to get some decent shots using several cameras in the hope of capturing it. The divers already down are reporting siting of some large whites let the games begin.
Martha Watkins Gilkes

Today we hit the jackpot, a 16 foot great white female who was extremely curious about us. She studied us for 40 minutes elegantly, majestically, and very closely. She showed us her strength, personality, elegance, athletic prowess and beauty. We fearfully and terrifyingly loved her from our cage.
Peter and Sue

Today I danced with the most beautiful woman in my life and she was three thousand pounds!!!! Her lips were rusty, her teeth were jagged, and her middle was large!!! But I would marry her in a moment; she’s the new love of my life!!!!!!
Chief Ziggy

There is no way a magazine or a picture could explain what I saw today, I am a novice diver and I’m amazed, these animals are huge!!! The experience of a lifetime, my friend art introduced me to diving and invited me on this trip… a trip of a lifetime.
Larry Ritter

I saw el Tigre dive five times with sharks, second dive trip on the nautilus explorer, one of the biggest animals I’ve ever seen, lots of sharks, different ones, exceptional crew!!!!

Mi gente esta presente, latino hasta la muerte, boriqua in the house, puerto rico!!! New yorican!!! Having a great time, quite an adventure, nice people and big sharks!!!
Alex- would recommend it to anyone.
It’s everything I wanted; one of my bucket list is done!!!!!
Negative and nothing, one sea lion, fifteen baitfish, I think there was a shrimp, but everyone had a wonderful time!

The biggest shark I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!

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