This trip on the Nautilus Explorer has the most diversity I have seen anywhere… | Socorro, November 14th 2012

Mantas, Mantas, Mantas, Ma……. Was noch? Ach ja, Mantas…. wenn da nur nicht die vielen Bubbles gewesen wären…. Bei jedem Tauchgang hatten wir viele, viele Mantas, aber auch Weißspitzen, Rochen, jede Menge Koffer- und Igelfische und viele Rifffische. Sehr schöne Felsblöcke und Felswand unter Wasser. Entspannte Tauchgänge im wunderschönen Blau des Pazifiks, die Sonnenstrahlen durchschnitten das Wasser. Tanzende Mantas im Gegenlicht ˆ besser gehts nicht. Dem ist absolut nichts hinzuzufügen. Insbesondere der Nachmittagstauchgang, bei dem wir vom Abstieg am Seil bis zum Safety-Stop 60 Minuten Mantas ohne Unterbrechung hatten. Einfach Wahnsinn!!!
Today again it was absolutely outstanding! The trip with the utmost diversity I have ever been on so far. Today we had lots of mantas, dolphins, 7 hammerhead sharks, some guys saw Galapagos sharks. It seems that everything which is possible to see was in the water today. Besides, the crew is doing a great job all the days round in every single aspect. Great Trip. I can definitely recommend it. Joern on the nautilus explorer
Today we had Manta mania. Up to 5 big ones where playing with us the whole dive. They liked the bubbles and tried to be close to the divers. Amazing! The manta seemed to really enjoy swimming with us!
cabo pearce at socorro ilsand was one of the mout beautifull sites i have ever seen, I have dove berma and thailand, cabo peirce tops them all -Jan I have over 900 dives and the dive at Cabo Pierce , Socorro was the best dive of my life. Wolfgang

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