Being back to Manta town feels very good!! Diving with 10 dolphins was pretty good as well.

-Manta at Punta ToscaPunta Tosca-20121122-IMG_1443November 22, 2012Joel Ibarra
At the Boiler off  Socorro Island we had 3 or 4 giant mantas playing with us, they where just swimming in circles right on top of us and one of them (a black one) was very small.. maybe 2 mts long and the other 3 (chevron) were regular size (between 3 and 3 1/2mts), next day at the Canyon we had strong current but that means good action with sharks,we swam down to the first cleaning station at about 26mts and there where like 5 hammerheads just swimming in circles trying to get cleand by the barber fish. Very nice 1st trip of the season so far.
Vis 25mts
Temp 28C
Air temp 30C
Very Sunny days.
While diving at San Benedicto Island, I watched hammer head sharks pass close enough to touch!  Such beautiful creatures !!
The current was a bit strong today but I can‚t complain to much, because we were diving with giant mantas and dolphins
–              Sebastian
During our dive at the boiler we had 4 mantas circling us !!
–              Sebastiani and Silvia I had such a beautiful day on board the nautilus explorer. The diving was awesome.
The biggest lobster I have ever seen !!!!
Watching the Manta try and dance with my friend Seelke from Germany was the best part of my dive at Socorro Island !
–              Andres
Silky was shouting underwater when we saw the 10 dolphins, one of them stayed with us for 10 minutes,  really cul !!!!!! –  Dunkin J Having eye contact with a completely black manta was so amazing (Diving with the Giant Pacific Mantas at Socorro Island)

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