Of our 4 Socorro dives today, we had giant manta encounters on three of them I had the sensation she would swim right up to me.

Our crossing from Cabo San Lucas to Socorro Island was wonderful with very small seas, light wind. We headed to the south of San Benedicto, which lets us anchor in the protection of the island. Although it has not been that long, it seems like forever since I was last down here. I have been on the Nautilus Swell our other boat which operates in Alaska and British Columbia for the fall season in Port Hardy.  Although it was a glorius season there this year, I have been waiting to return to the sunny climate of the Baja California I also managed to sneak in a dive with the guests today, and was rewarded with a flyby from one of our Manta friends. The water temp was a balmy 82F/27C and vis was about 75′. Tonight we are off for Roca Partida so check back in a couple of days and see “What’s Up” Que Pasa!
Whereever you are, or are going – Dive Safe!
-Captain Al
Dolphins for breakfast. Not literally but the pre breakfast dive.. what an awesome dive site.. sharks, dolphins, lobsters, wahoo,  tuna etc etc etc. Looking forward to breakfast and the rest of the dives
-Peter Mieras
Roca Partida, emerge de la mar, rotunda, fuerte, repleta de blanco y de pajaros/ Dentro de la mar, aun mas increíble. No te mueves, ni hace falta vienen a tilos tiburones, las mantas, los atunes los delfines con sus juegos preliminares. Y lo mejor Para mi de todo la mar de fondo, ese vaivén de metros, de olas, que te hace sentir como un pez!!!.
-Sol Lopez
We woke just before sunrise for coffee and a little fuel before our dive brief and a 7:45 morning dive. Fantastic from the very first moment. Silver tip sharks swimming slowly toward us allowing me my first close-up shark video! Of four dives today, three giant Manta encounters! Awesome! Twice I had the sensation she would swim right to me, and then she would gracefully turn. What a day!!
-Mark O. Vancouver,BC

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