Hernan, our deck man came towards us at Roca Partida as if he was an angel, surrounded by dolphins.

After our very first dive at Roca Partida, (amazing dive, by the way, during which we saw one beautiful manta and several dolphins resting and slowly swimming close to us) I was on the surface waiting to be picked up, and suddenly, I see Hernan, our Deck man coming with the dingy towards us just as if he was an angel, surrounded by dolphins. The dolphins swam around us and one of them, decided to take a pause resting and breathing in the surface, for a while. He let us approach him very very close. He was there, floating, making bubbles, he didn‚t seem to be bothered by our cameras and presence. After about 10 min, he decided to swim into the depth again leaving us with the best images ever. Valeria Mas, Mexico City.
Mantastic, Mantissimo, Awesome!!!!! What a great dive site! Not just because of the 3 mantas giving us a great show, but also because of the octopus, reef fish and multitude of colours.
-Peter Mieras
Majestic! A lot of mantas playing with a lot of divers(20-22). Four of them staying with us in the first dive of the day, two of them on the second, and only one in the last of the day. Lots of marine life, and pretty strong currents, yet having the chance of getting these close encounters with the great mantas is absolutely fantastic.
-Paco Navarro

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