Whale carcass drew in a small schools of sharks

What you all think of today at Cabo Pearce?

–ŒFIUKS‚ de Boeta

4 magnificent dives at Cabo Pierce today.
1st dive early in the morning, there was some current and we tried the depth in search of hammerhead sharks. We actually saw two of them. The second dive was AMAZING!! Almost no current and Mantas coming very close circling us, staying with us for a long time. At the end of the dive, a dolphin came towards us and played with us making rounds until he left and came back with another dolphin (his\her) partner. They started to dance together very close to some of us. Beautiful!

The third dive brought a very strong current. We could hardly hover or swim so we stayed close to the rocks or grabbing the anchor cord. At the end of the dives suddenly, some silky sharks started to approach. Some more came and we counted about 12 at the same spot. Afterwards, we saw a huge shark passing by: a tiger shark!! Unbelievable!! The last dive was very quiet almost no current. A beautiful manta came by very close. Some of us decided to pay attention to all the macro subjects: octopuses, moray eels, all sorts of coral fishes, even beautiful tiny pipefishes. Juan took some of us for a tour following the shear wall. In the blue, a Galapagos shark passed by.


Today we had not only 4 amazing dives but the added adventure of a large chunk of whale floating past the boat. Normally I would not consider this a good thing but the 2m sq hunk of humpback whale was providing shelter and nourishment for a variety of fish. Our intrepid Captain Al took a few of us out to get a closer look (and smell unfortunately) in one of the ribs. We were able to catch the moment when the silky sharks arrived, followed closely by 2 Tiger sharks. The Tigers circled cautiously before finally going in for a bite or two. They were beautiful and the time we had with them was far too short. It was funny how one of the lasting memories of the day will actually not involve diving.


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