We saw a serious number of hammerhead sharks at Cabo Pearse, Socorro Island

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Ahh where to start? Back onboard the Nautilus Explorer and this trip has been a good one. Plenty of manta action and a serious number of hammerhead shark sightings by all here at Cabo Pearse. We relocated for the third dive today to le petite Boiler, a small reef just on the other side of the dive site at Cabo Pearce, and I had a chance to get wet. Tigre and I searched in vain for the manta we saw feeding from the back deck. After an unsuccessful search we concentrated on the reef itself and were rewarded with the plentiful and infinitely colourful fish life. Parrot fish, Angel fish, Surgeon fish and so many others. Sometimes it is nice to just focus on the small stuff. The beautifully warm water was hard to get out of after such a pleasant dive. Of course once we were back on deck, the giant manta we saw feeding couldn‚t resist the chance to show us where she had been hiding and breached the surface with a large splash. On our way back to gentler anchorage on the other side of Cabo Pe arce we were joined by 5 or 6 dolphins playing in the bow wake the whole way. You have to love those playful creatures! Looking forward to more good times at Socorro tomorrow on the Nautilus Explorer.

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