I was actually too close to the giant mantas. I had to duck. Repeatedly!!! and sharks, sharks and more sharks. Did I mention sharks ?!!

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Second day of diving, and the first day at Punta Tosca Mantas galore!  We took the zodiacs out to a ridge that starts at 30 feet and continues down.  If you stay between 40-50 feet, 15 to 22 meters, the devil fish come out to play! I think there were three although there could have 5 or 6 of the giant graceful creatures that have all divers that come to the site trained. Great dive!!!!!
Ken  (Chicago)
A lot of manta time today at Punta Tosca, they kept coming back and back∑ probably checking us out as much as we were checking them out! Or maybe they like the bubbles, or the sound we make. Anyhow, it was a fantastic dive!
Fernando (Mexico)
In addition to the usual oceanic mantas, hammerheads, white-tips & silkys, a whale shark (probably 3-4 metres length) visited us today and swam close to the manta! Truly awesome dives at Cabo Pierce!
Kim Poh (Singapore / New York)
Besser geht nicht!
Mantas, Hammerheads, Seeschlangen, riesige Muraenen, noch riesigere Lobster, aufdringliche Putzerfische, jagende Weisspitzen und Seidenhaie und, und, und …
Auf jedem Tauchgang, unglaublich!!!!
Achso ja : Ein Walhai!
Und vor allen Dingen eine tolle Crew!!!
Silvana & Karsten (Deutschland)
Where to begin?!  Perhaps, at the beginning.  This trip is amazing.  The ship and crew are first-class. The ship is very well maintained and more than meets the guests‚ expectations. More than that, the crew, from Captain Dave to every single crew member, far exceed expectations. Outstanding dive masters provide clear guidance and instructions, doing so across a broad range of divers‚ experience levels.  Hostess Silvia is a joy; always with a smile, cheerful positive disposition, helpful every single moment. Chef and staff including engineer Bob, Aldolfo, Baywatch, one and all provide a smooth-running, vacation, holiday experience.  That just barely sums up the human experience.  As for the diving: holy Manta and Sharks!!! Was I actually too close to giant Mantas (I had to duck, repeatedly)!  Sharks, sharks, and more sharks.  Did I mention, sharks?!  Silkies, white tips, hammers. Also, for those of us that also still enjoy close up encounters with regular marine life WOW!!! Moreys, lobsters, octopus, and every imaginable colorful small-medium-large variety. While holding onto to lava tubes waiting for the big stuff, the other marine life are nearby,  surrounding me, literally upon me.  Flying fish, dolphins too.  Very interesting and enjoyable guests from around the world.
Matt (Washington, DC, Maryland, USA)

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