So far we headed out on a cruise of a life time on the Nautilus Explorer. We saw a wow of a great hammerhead shark on the warmup dive.

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The socorro Island where the diving adventure starts . On the way out just as we left Cabo San Lucas for Socorro Island, about 4 to 5 miles out we saw some humpback whales on the horizon as we got close to San Benidicto a pot of dolphin join us as they jump and flip in front of the bow as the guest just had the cameras going as to what i would call a warm up for the underwater moments . We anchored and did the briefing right after that it was time to get wet . We went down and saw a great hammerhead shark as he just took his time along side the wall . that was a wow to see that on the check out dive . well we stayed for the day and after that we had dinner and pull the pin and headed to socorro where i would call it the Manta city . Sure enuff so said the mantas were just waiting for us as we set the line there were 2 mantas greeting the DM . Well it was time for the guest to get in and we all saw 4 mantas together as for some of us we just hold on to the the lin e and we saw everything as they just came by us like 3 feet away from us they just hover and stayed for the hold dive . well we are heading to Roca Partida so i will keep you all posted .
DM Juan The Only One

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