I ended this year (2012) with a closer look at razor sharp teeth than I have ever seen in 12 years of diving experience: Socorro Island on the Nautilus Explorer

What a way to end the year 2012. We had a blast with the giant mantas, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and great visibility. We stayed at this dive site Cabo Pearce on Socorro Island because we just couldn’t leave, the heat was there. The hammerhead sharks were just hanging out at about 80ft. I had this one encounter where I just stared out into the blue, not knowing that a school of them were just over my head, but one got my attention, it just kept coming and coming. It got about 3 feet away from where I was. I had a close look at the razor sharp teeth, that was my first encounter with one that came that close for the 12 years of diving experience. Well, we were having so many sightings just staying on the line that we had to go down! The silky sharks were chasing the tuna, trying to eat them and dolphins also. On the surface interval, we had dolphins staying with as we headed to the other dive site, and they followed us and dove with us.

I enjoyed how I ended this year!

–DM Juan “The Only One”

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