7 dolphins escorted by a couple of very friendly mantas made for an excellent day!

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Punta Tosca was a little demanding for the first two dives, the price for enjoying the mantas and a couple of good hammerheads was some good current, after that we decide to dive inside the bay and it was just fantastic, 7 dolphins escorted by a couple of very friendly mantas made for an excellent day! Actually one of the dolphins is a girl we know as Sten’s girlfriend (sorry Tanya she is very nice and cute). Any way the trip in general has been amazing been away from Socorro Island for 6 weeks made me see her again as a Magical place, having one of my instructors (Lorenzo Beltran) as a co-worker has been an honour and for the expression in his face after every dive and seen him underwater being super excited is just something hard to explain, he is one of the many people I have always wanted to share this place with, I love just sharing it with all of you.
Water temp:  24 C 75 F aprox
Visibility:  60 ft
Air temp : 30C   85F aprox
DM   Joel IHO
Today was a hard start do the current but any way we have a hammerhead shark and the mantas show up and make the safety stop memorable one of best safety stops. But the 3rd dive was a dream came true dolphins and manta together, that was incredible. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.
Good visibility about 60 feet
Water temp 76 f+
DM Lorenzo Beltran

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