KITE FISHING 101 – or how sport fishermen are harvesting trophy fish at Socorro Island.


These pictures show the Pescatore fishing at Roca Partida closeby Socorro Island.. They use a kite with only one fishing pole and line (with live bait) coming off the kite line with a breakaway clip. See the single fishing pole on the transom with one deckhand next to it. The anglers can just standby and wait as they are in the picture. They can all be inside playing cards. When the bait gets eaten the line breaks away from the kite line and when the slack is taken up the fish hooks its self and the anglers come out and land it.. This method gets the biggest fish (they caught 2 tuna over 300 lbs and one at 285 lbs using this method) and if you use monofilament leader sharks and wahoo bite through the line and don’t get caught (although they end up with a hook in their mouth).
It’s important that divers visiting the beautiful islas know how the fishing kite works so they recognize it for what it is and quickly tell their boat crew about it.  Without reporting and evidentiary images, the Mexican navy is not able to enforce zero tolerance for fishing in the marine biosphere around Socorro Island. When there is a kite in the air there is a a pole and live bait in the water (fishing). When they bring the kite in half way to the boat it means they had a fish take the bait (strike) and they are attaching a new bait to the quick release clip, so for example we saw the kite come partway in 14 times on the14th of Nov. during the day. That means there were 14 strikes (fish eating the bait) while we were watching, probably several more as we weren’t watching all day.


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