Diving has been fantastic at Roca Partida so far. Schooling hammerheads and an amazing humpback whale mom and calf.


Beautiful day at Roca Partida today. Transit over started off a bit bumpy but settled down in the early hours this morning and conditions now are perfect. A long 4-6′ swell from the north, light breeze. No other boats.
Diving has been fantastic so far this morning. Schooling hammerhead sharks on first dive, a big manta on both dives, lots of silver tips and galapagos sharks, and amazing humpback whale mom and calf, both on scuba and we’ve been snorkeling with them all day. Really fantastic. The calf is just playing around the snorkelers while mom hangs out beneath. Got some footage on the gopro. Most of the crew got a good snorkel in as well.
Last night we had a great silky shark snorkel at pta tosca at Socorro Island, lots of sharks.
Planning on 4 dives and departing for Cabo San Lucas after last dive.
Captain Gordon

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