Good start for the first day, we started at the dive site The Canyon where we saw Hammerhead, White tip, and Galapagos sharks! The second dive we headed to the Boiler to find the friendly giant mantas!

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I am back from time off I left just as the whales they were coming around. I was thinking about the date that I was to come back just to see the whales. So far we left from Cabo with a group of divers from WIRODIVE for 12 days on the first day we stop at San Benedicto just before we arrive the whales were just breaching all around there were blowing spouts. I was excited to do the checkout dive, the whales were right around the dive site. We started at the dive site The Canyon were we saw Hammerhead, White tip, and a Galapagos sharks! After the second dive we headed to the Boiler to find the friendly giant mantas were there was one that hangs around us that was a good start for the first day. We headed to Roca Partita were I would say it is the shark city. I know that the whales are more friendlier at Roca and better chance of diving with the mom and calf .We left early the same evening to Roca Partita The weather was I would say that it was so calm that we could water ski to cabo that is how flat it was all the way to Roca Partida .The next morning we were up bright and early just to see what I was expecting the mama humpback and calf on the surface right were we always drop the for the first dive . We were the first one to get in the water, the other boat they were too slow so we got to get in before them; 7:35 we were in just in time to see the mama and her young stretching out as the sun just lit up the sky, I couldn’t believe, what a way to start the day off . On the surface interval we took the zodiac and we were off to snorkel with the most amazing experience . We got in and the adventure was on, we spent like 1 hour with the mom and calf as the calf came and check us out and the mom just stay in one position like a log. I got some good video we are staying for another day and can’t wait to see what is awaiting for us! I will keep you all posted. Words can`t describe this experience ! -DM Juan Increibile
Ein Tauchertraum geht in Erfuellung!!! Unglaublich, grad ma zwei Tage an Bord der Nautilus, und schon Wal mit Baby, Hammerhaie, Delfine, und Mantas vor die Linse bekommen. Was will man mehr.
Ein unglaubliches Erlebnis !!!! Absolut beeindruckend und faszinierend ein Wal mit Kalb so lange zu beobachten.
Sorry fuer unser verhaltenes Bloggingverhalten!!! Aber wir sind alle ganz hin und weg von den unglaublichen Eindruecken hier an Roca partida!
J ==== We apologize for our poor blogging behaviour! But we are complete absorbed by the incredible impressions here at Roca partida! J

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