Who knew that white tip sharks grade themselves by size? from small to big. From the Nautilus Explorer – Roca Partida

Arriving at 7AM to the Mexican Show on Roca was very welcoming to the boatload of Canadians made us feel right at home. Dropping into the blue with a dense school of jacks and trevally, interspersed with wahoo, puffers and oh yes, dozens of sharks!! White tips, silver tips, Galapagos, silky, hammerhead and apparently a manta in the mix for good measure.
Carmen bakes up fresh cookies every day, but today was again in commemoration to the Canadians, with maple-coconut and they were the best so far. On day 3 it is now in question whether this cruise is about the diving or about the food?
And who knew that the white tips grade themselves by size? Each slot held a different size of shark from small to big, sharing their niches with eels, lobster and cleaners of all kinds.
And the worst, another 4 dives of the same tomorrow.

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