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Latest  trade statistics released by Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department indicate that the tide may have turned in the battle against shark finning.   3,100 metric tons of shark fins were imported into Hong Kong last year which is of course a horrible number.   But the really good news is that is a precipitous drop from 10,300 metric tons imported the previous year.
In Chinese culture, shark fin soup has always been about honouring and impressing your guests.   But starting in 2006 a coordinated effort has been made by NGOs including Wild Aid, World Wildlife Federation, diving organizations, businesses and clubs, major celebrities and environmental groups to make easting shark fin socially unacceptable.  More than 150 corporations in Hong Kong including HSBC and Alibaba have eliminated shark fin soup at their functions.  Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts stopped serving shark fin soup at their 116 properties, half of which are in China.  The Chinese Government has stopped servicing the dish at official state banquets.   Here at home, Cathay pacific Airlines will no longer carry shark fins as cargo.  It became illegal to serve shark fin soup in our home town of Richmond (Vancouver) despite a large Chinese populations.
The media have also jumped on to anti-shark-fin bandwagon –  a recent investigation by CCCTV, China’s largest television network, reported that much of the shark fin served at top Chinese restaurants was fake and that actual shark fin was full of mercury and devoid of nutritional value..
Shark Advocates International reports that traders have been forced to cut their prices by 40 percent and multiple sources – from fishermen in Indonesia to undercover agents in China – are reporting a 50 – 70 percent sales decline in 2012.
New data from the Census and Statistics Department show fin imports fin the first quarter of this year are down another 40 percent from last year!!!!!
WE are holding our breath and crossing our fingers but it seems like there may be some hope for our friends, the sharks.
– Captain Mike

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