Aerial image of the Nautilus Explorer taken by quadracopter in open ocean at Roca Partida!!

Hi Mike and Mary Anne,
First of all, I’d like to thank you by the amazing experience you gave me on the NE.
I use to say that all living aboards success depends on 3 different components:
– The Vessel:
Strong and stable , good cabin space and also common space. Good diving facilities, nothing to complain, it’s a world class vessel.
One minor detail, some guest would like to have a individual control on the cabins air conditioning.
Great to have a espresso machine!!
– The Diving and itinerary:
Of course the diving always depends on the nature, but it’s an amazing diving, the week we have been there we got Mantas, Whale Sharks, lots of sharks species, and the main attraction on my opinion, the Dolphins…had never seen a behavior like that!!! Just loved it! All the other details diving related as the Dive Masters (REALLY GOOD ones, totally exceeding the expectations ), good dive deck, great hot shower (maybe it would be even better to have one more…) Really want to make my congratulation arrive to the Dive Masters , they really did everything they could to make us happy. They gave us extra dives, freedom to do our own thing and great briefings to give us safety. One small detail, maybe it would be a good idea to have some more actual rental equipment…some of our guest in the future prefer to rent because of the actual air companies luggage policy.
– The Crew:
The crew was the best I had in my life. They are professional, warm, competent. I had the best service in a living aboard ever! Silvia is just amazing in taking good care of the guest! The Captain offers us 4 great days in Roca!
So, I can say we all had a wonderful time in Revillagigedo.
– Andre

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