Facts about the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island

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There are about 500 shark species in the world.
One of the satellite-tagged great white shark at Guadalupe Island traveled 3,800 km (2100 NMi) to Hawaii.
Sharks dive up to a depths of 680 m (2230 feet or 370  fathoms) in water with a temperature of 4.8°C  (41°F).
At Isla Guadalupe you can find not only great whites but mako (Isurus oxyrhynchus), blue (Prionace glauca), grey smooth-hound (Mustelus californicus), leopard (Triakis semifasciata), tiguer (Isistius brasiliensis), bull (Carcharhinus leucas), whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus), hammerhead (Sphyrna spp.), whale (Rhincodon typus) and cookiecutter (Isistius brasiliensis) sharks.
The more important prays for great white sharks are fish, marine birds, marine mammals, octopus and crustaceans.
Guadalupe fur seals are one of the main sources of food for white sharks: newborn pups are 60 cm and adult males can reach up to 2 m.
At birth Guadalupe white sharks measure about 1.25 m (4 feet), while maximum length at adulthood is 7.6 m (25 feet).
When young, Guadalupe white sharks pray mostly on fish and at adulthood (length larger tan 3-3.5 m, 9-11 feet) they include marine mammals to its diet.

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