The sea lions followed us all the way back to the Nautilus Explorer but were not able to climb up the dive ladder

Marcus Merrin w
So far we had a great time at San Benito’s . We did a nice shallow dive with the sea lion and not to forget the kelp forest underwater. The vis was about 80 plus temp 63F, it was refreshing but we have a lot of fun . We move over to the island Cedros where I would say that is one of my favorite and best encounter and interaction with about 12 plus sea lion playing with us. We were in about 8 feet of water and just kneel down and watch the kids put on a show. As we headed back to the boat they all followed us as far as to the ladder they were like “please stay an play with us”. Now we are heading to San Martin to do some nice dives with the harbor seals. Anyways, I will keep you all posted.
– DM Juan The Only One

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